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There is only one woman in the world that Ali wants to be with, and that's Sam, her lifelong best friend. Just one party is all it takes, and their relationship is ruined beyond repair.
Rejected and broken hearted, Ali finally decides to pick up the pieces and move on. She seeks a night of distractions, hot and steamy distractions, when she discoveres that a spilt drink can lead to more than her trousers getting wet. For Ali, things will never be the same again.
"Dreams come True" 

Short story in the "Delicious Divas" ebook anthology, published by Xcite Books.
"The Gift" 

Short story in the "Lipstick Lovers" anthology, published by Xcite Books.A paperback edition of twenty erotic f/f stories.
This story is also available in the shorter ebook, "Corsetry for beginners" which has just five stories to tempt you.
Rose Marie has no time for anything but her work. So for her birthday her friends decide  the perfect gift would be a little stress relief and, most importantly, a little time for herself. They send her to the local salon for the special 'stress buster', and although Rose thinks she has better things to do, they won't take no for an answer. Sexy therapist Nina has a way of turning a  relaxing massage into something much more, and Rose discovers an entirely different notion of stress busting.
"Burmese Bells and Retro Rockets" 

Short story in "Girls getting off." An anthology of twenty erotic stories through Xcite books. The story is also available in the shorter ebook "Lady Blue" which is a sample of just 5 stories. The full anthology will be out in print soon.
So just what happens at a “girls’ night in”? That’s what Annie is asking herself when she arrives at the party, only for the answer to involve a whole array of sex toys. It seems her hostess, Alex, knows just what to do with a Retro Rocket, and soon Annie is being treated to a hands-on demonstration…
27 Days in the Anthology Blood and Lipstick, Storm moon Press

The full line-up for this anthology is:-

27 Days - E Round
Bloody Flowers - L Campbell
You and the Moon - R Hanley
Love's Horizon - V Oldham
Business makes Strange Bedfellows - E E Ottoman
Since Carmilla in 1872 (25 years before Stoker's Dracula!) lesbian vampires have been a literary staple. The twining of female sexual desire with danger and deviance has been a common theme for a century or more. We're continuing that tradition with this anthology featuring those other ladies of the night. Sensuous but deadly, like velvet draped over razor wire, these literal femme fatales will draw you in, have their way with you, and leave you gasping for more.

First, in 27 Days, when Sarah meets Mary at an otherwise boring dinner party, she's determined to have her for more than a one-drink-stand. Too bad Sarah's maker is the jealous type and wants to have Sarah to herself for eternity!

Knight's Sacrifice

Regal Crest Enterprises - Mystic Books
Release date February 2017.

ISBN:  978-1-61929-314-4

Amazon UK: http://amzn.eu/0mNtSEb
Amazon US: http://a.co/hWxWLUu

Nita Round

Published works

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