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Work in Progress: Raven, Sand & Sun: A Touch of Truth Book Two

After surviving numerous encounters on the way from Mid-Angle to Ama'Rica, Lucinda Ravensburgh has begun the process of settling in to her new home (Book One).

There still remains the problem of Sh'Na, Queen of the desert, Mistress of the Eternal Night. This is a problem they must face, sooner rather than later.

Lucinda, Ascara and Captain Stoner do the best to prepare themselves for what must come, but for one of them. The issue of Sh'Na is not the only problem they must face.

Copyright 2013 by "E Round"    All Rights reserved 

Work in Progress: A touch of truth book three - Captain, Ice & Floe

After returning to Port Ruth, Magda Stoner aids with the funeral arrangements for Olivia. This is an important event for Prince Ruth and all of Rabia, but nothing goes as Magda planned and the three women barely escape with their lives.

They manage to attend the Council of the Clans, and there, tested before the clans, Lucinda stands face to face of who she is and what she represents to all the clans. It is a difficult time. Made more difficult when Magda has to face her own heritage. Not before the clansm however, but in the far north, where the only thing that remains, is ice.


Contracted to Regal Crest Enterprises. To be published mid 2020